Three Companies That Understand SEO



Some things is life are just hard to understand.  For instance, why is it that companies are still not investing in SEO?  It is so frustrating as a consumer, to search for a company only to discover that they just do not exist…in Google land that is.   Companies seem to fail to recognize that they can have the greatest products and services on the planet, however if people cannot find them, then they might as well not exist at all.  According to a study in Retailing Today, more than 81% of consumers perform research online before making a purchase from a store.  This number is of course growing by the minute.  As a result it is imperative that companies invest in an SEO strategy to let the world know that they exist, and to generate more business.  Here are three top companies that are successfully utilizing SEO for their brands.  Business owners take note.

Image1.  An example of a company that understands the importance of SEO is Johnson & Johnson.  The well known, New Jersey based pharmaceutical company acquired an online parenting magazine named BabyCenter, and used SEO as its method of presenting its newest brand to the world.  Johnson and  Johnson focuses a lot on key phrases as it relates to SEO and as a result  has become the world’s number one pregnancy and parenting site, reaching over 29 million people in 22 markets monthly as reported by Digital Strategy Consulting.

Image2.  Zappos is a powerhouse when it comes to content marketing, from social media to blogs to     SEO, this brand understands the power of new and emerging media and marketing.  According to Evergreen Search, Zappos has approximately 230,565 organic keywords which drive traffic to its site, however key words are not the only contributor to Zappos SEO success.  Zappos uses its creativity and integrates it with SEO to achieve a dynamic solution.  For example, to increase the number of internal index pages to increase search engine traffic, the company created a Product Showdown page,  which changed the products displayed each time the page is loaded.  This creative SEO technique positively impacted the brand’s search traffic.

Image3.  Online Retailer Asos, demonstrates that less is more, and simple is sometimes better.  The company used H1 tags in its landing pages to highlight the most important keywords on its pages.  The company relied on Google to do the rest.  SEO does not have to be complicated, and does not involve rocket science to implement.   It only requires a dedication to generating results.  Thanks Asos!





3 thoughts on “Three Companies That Understand SEO

  1. I completely agree when it comes to a company being smart about SEO production. I work for a large nationwide health care company, and one of our important focal points is SEO. We want our physicians to be found on Google, YouTube, Yelp (and other reputation sites) and their websites because its drive volume up, which lets face it… the bottom line is important to senior staff. I truly enjoyed and thoroughly agree that SEO doesn’t have to be difficult. For instance, I recently uploaded videos to YouTube of our physicians and not only did I strategically attach tags and keywords to the video but YouTube also suggested the ones it felt best exemplified the physicians as well. That exercise alone helped to make our physicians videos visible online. It doesn’t have to be hard!


  2. This article is spot on! It can be so fustrating when doing a search and find exactly what you’re looking for. Even a small presents in the world’s large media space can give your company a boost. Making yourself accessable is top priotiry for consumers..

    Great input!


    • I appreciate your responses! Often times when companies think of SEO, they cringe because they automatically assume that it is alot of money and it is overly complicated. The amount of money that a company spends totally depends on them. There are SEO strategies out there for all types of companies with a variety of budgets. The possibilities are limitless!


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