Stumble Upon This!


Okay, so by now I am sure that you are aware of social media and its major players – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Linked In.  However what alot of people do not know is that there are other social media platforms that are just as effective that has never made it to the big leagues.  One of those platforms is StumbleUpon which is a social media bookmarking site that allows users to “stumble upon” websites, videos, and photos that they otherwise would not have found in other arenas.

As a user it is beneficial because they can receive content specified to their likes and interests.  StumbleUpon has a voting system that allow users to vote on recommendations that are provided to them As a marketer or even as a blogger, this is very important because it helps drive website traffic. Since the platform is a social environment, the more that a marketer contributes, rates, and participate in the communities will determine how often their content is found.  The platform also allows marketers to view who is viewing their content and how they are rating the content as well.

Are you a blogger or a marketer?  Here are some tips to using StumbleUpon for business

  • Self Promotion sucks! – Of course you want to promote your website or blog, however the same rules that apply in any other social media applies here as well.  When distributing or “stumbling” content, make sure you are sharing content from other sources as well.  This not only shows that you are not self-promotional, but it also solidifies you as an expert in your field!
  • Create a Channel –  In order to compete with Youtube channels, Facebook pages, and the like, StumbleUpon offers channels for marketers to have a direct presence.  That way users can go directly to those channels to read content from companies.  Some companies such as SportsCenter, Mashable, and CNN are already taking advantage of the Stumble Upon channels
  • Integrate! Use the major players to advertise your StumbleUpon site.  StumbleUpon easily integrates with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  Let the audiences on other social sites know all about your StumbleUpon channel.  They can then share the information with their networks which will generate for  website traffic…and that is the ultimate goal!

Sprout Social mentions that Stumble Upon has doubled its user base over the last 16 month, and now has more than 20 million registered members.  If the number of users continue to rise, it looks like Facebook and Twitter, might have some competition on their hands!



2 thoughts on “Stumble Upon This!

  1. Great article! I had no clue! I heavily depend on social media in my line of work. Using this type of social media platform will decrease the time I spend looking for resourceful materials so I can focus on the meat of my research. Thank you for the informative article!


  2. Yes, StumbleUpon is a secret jewel…a diamond in the rough. I am truly surprised that alot of marketers do not know about this platform yet. It is increasingly growing, so do not be surprised if more and more companies begin to utilize this tool as part of their marketing strategy


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